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Strategy, Brand & Logo, UX, Design

Wallace Digital Creative & Technology Studio is a modern endeavor moving away from a classic agency and towards a digital partnership focused in web and mobile products.

About Wallace

Wallace creates digital products to enable business growth, innovation and change. With a goal of partnering with clients and working towards clarity and authenticity, genuine relationships and clear ideas are formed. Wallace is a new take on a digital agency.

The Brand

Everything about Wallace is relational. Even the name ‘Wallace’ evokes a feeling of working with another human being. The brand is focused on friendliness; the logo is simple yet personal and the supporting elements fall in suit. The branding is ever shifting, as the shifting shapes represent the way the company recreates itself with each unique partner. The materials are unique but simple to not overpower the brands they work with.


Wallace partners with both agencies and companies to provide expertise in design and development services. Focusing on transforming the digital presence of startups and local businesses, Wallace is shifting the way digital studios work with clients.