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Bites on Site

Strategy, Brand & Logo, UX, Design

Bites on Site is a web and mobile web application that connects food trucks with destinations to create a simplified & streamlined reservation process.

About Bites on Site

Currently, there’s no easy way for food trucks, ‘bites’, to connect with places, ‘sites’, in order to schedule reservations in cities all over the US. Bites on Site is a tool to help both parties plan and reserve times in one easy system. The app includes calendars, schedules, requests and integrations with current calendar systems to facilitate scheduling. A process that used to be complicated and disorganized becomes simple and convenient.

The Brand

The brand aims to be fun, bright and inviting. Bold colors, fun illustrations and patterns match the lighthearted spirit of those behind the brand and their goals for the future. The product is all about relationships, so the brand needs to reflect the warmth of and kindness of the community around the product.


Bites on Site is currently in development and the MVP will soon be available in the Twin Cities as a web application. The product will undergo user testing and several rounds of iterations before launching in more cities soon after.