Tattersall cocktail, old fashioned


Strategy, Brand & Logo, UX, Design

Barback started as a personal project and simple idea for a better cocktail recipe mobile app. Working with local distillery Tattersall, it became a reality.

The Brand

The brand needs to be reminiscent of the Tattersall Cocktail Room, which is clean and sophisticated with a modern, dark twist. The elements of the brand have a classic feeling, while elements like retro-inspired illustrations bring a modern, fun element to the brand.  A monochromatic color palette and clean UI lets the users focus on beautiful imagery and pertinent information and not become distracted with a loud brand.

About Barback

Barback is created for the ‘home bartender’ as a tool to simplify the process of cocktail making. The focus is on creating an app that assists in your drink making endeavors by suggesting drinks with given qualities or ingredients that you’re looking for. The app also allows you to add ingredients to ‘your bar’. The user is then able to refine their search to only list recipes that they’re able to make with the ingredients they own. Tattersall Distillery in Minneapolis was looking for a way to teach more people about cocktails and their own spirits. This app is moving them forward as thought leaders in the cocktail world.


Tattersall will be launching the Barback iOS app soon, hoping to engage fans of the brand outside of the distillery and inspire more people to experiment with drink making on their own.